Why is dogging called dogging?

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Have you ever heard about slang dogging, and you had no idea what to expect? Well, this is a British English sexual slang that describes the action of having sex in a public or a semi-public place. Dogging is also referred to as the individuals who are watching others engage in sexual activity in such places.

In some cases, you will have more than two participants, meaning that you can expect orgies and gang banging as well. As you might have already guessed, voyeurism and exhibitionism are very closely associated with dogging.

Online, you can find a couple of different descriptions of slang dogging, but essentially it is all about having sex in a public place. People love the thrill of being able to be caught doing something that they should not be doing in a public place. More often than not, dogging is performed with complete strangers.

The origin of dogging

The term ‘dogging’ could be explained by the term “walking the dog”. Oftentimes, people who walked their pets would randomly encounter strangers having sex because dogs are driven to the dogging places due to the noises that people make while fucking.

People believe that dogging fuck fests have come into play in the 70s, in the UK. Soon after, the act of fucking in public places has gained a lot of popularity all across the world. As the internet came into play, it helped spread the word of this fetish, and thus more and more people have started engaging in the act of dogging.

Groups were formed where adults with the love of dogging could talk to each other, for a potential hookup in a public place. You can find a ton of sites where the main point is to offer a safe space for all dogging, voyeur, and exhibitionist enthusiasts. Because of these groups, there are some unspoken rules that apply to these sorts of situations.

For example, the internet states that if you wish to invite a fellow voyeur to come and watch you and your fuck buddy engage in some hardcore lovemaking, you should flash your headlights in a car park. You could also leave the car light on, which indicates that you want to be seen. If you wish to invite others to participate with you, you should leave the door of the vehicle open.

Other rules of dogging will include not attracting unwarranted attention, being patient and not aggressive, using protection, and cleaning up afterward. You should also only engage in dogging with like-minded people, which is why there are websites solely dedicated to this kink! If you wish to find the perfect partner for dogging, you can do so online… you’d be surprised to know how many people you can meet on such websites.

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