3 Most Famous Dogging Spots

Dogging wife from Dudley stands in stockings and knickers while strangers watch!

The countryside tends to be loved by everyone… maybe a little too much. Most people love to enjoy casual strolls through the parks and simply enjoy nature, while others see the countryside as their perfect dogging spots. If you are interested in the wonderful world of dogging and you wish to know where you might end up having some hot intimate action with strangers, here are the top dogging locations to consider!

  1. Car Parks

Did you know that car parks are the most common spots for dogging? If you’ve ever gone to a car park and heard some odd noises in the background, it is safe to assume that you have stumbled upon amateurs fucking. Car pikes on the roads tend to offer a great view of the city, but they are also quite crowded when the night falls. Strangers love to meet in the car park and enjoy each other’s company, and who knows what else can happen!

  1. Tourist parks

Another great attraction are the tourist parks. There you can often see foreigners engaging in lots of lovemaking with natives! This is a great place to meet exotic beauties who are searching for some kinky fun in the dark. Of course, it is good to keep in mind that not every single person you meet there would be down for some fun in public. But a lot of tourists go there to enjoy the nice view and have sex. If you visit tourist parks at the right time, you might get to catch them in the act!

  1. Picnic spots

A lot of the time, the picnic areas are filled with families who are just out to bask in the sun and enjoy the view. However, horny teenagers love to sneak off into the woods and have some fun! If you visit a picnic park when it gets a bit too late for families to go out, you will surely be able to see lots of strangers having sex. You might be able to meet people who want to engage in some hot fucking, as well.

Other spots to consider

A lot of countries will have lots of dogging locations, you just need to know where to look. If you have never encountered one in your area, you might just be searching for that in the wrong place. Consider any sort of a tourist attraction, a park with a great view, a forest where people love to hang out, and so on. Anywhere where people enjoy frequently going to have some fun, especially legal teens, you can expect to catch them in the act!

However, you should always consider the time of the day as well! As these hot fuck fests in public tend to happen quite late. Though, this will vary a lot, as it all depends on the amateurs who decided to have some kinky fun. If you have not watched dogging pornography yet, here is a nice compilation from PornHub where you can watch horny strangers engage in lots of fucking.

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