Why is dogging called dogging?

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Have you ever heard about slang dogging, and you had no idea what to expect? Well, this is a British English sexual slang that describes the action of having sex in a public or a semi-public place. Dogging is also referred to as the individuals who are watching others engage in sexual activity in such places.

In some cases, you will have more than two participants, meaning that you can expect orgies and gang banging as well. As you might have already guessed, voyeurism and exhibitionism are very closely associated with dogging.

Online, you can find a couple of different descriptions of slang dogging, but essentially it is all about having sex in a public place. People love the thrill of being able to be caught doing something that they should not be doing in a public place. More often than not, dogging is performed with complete strangers.

The origin of dogging

The term ‘dogging’ could be explained by the term “walking the dog”. Oftentimes, people who walked their pets would randomly encounter strangers having sex because dogs are driven to the dogging places due to the noises that people make while fucking.

People believe that dogging fuck fests have come into play in the 70s, in the UK. Soon after, the act of fucking in public places has Continue reading “Why is dogging called dogging?”

3 Most Famous Dogging Spots

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The countryside tends to be loved by everyone… maybe a little too much. Most people love to enjoy casual strolls through the parks and simply enjoy nature, while others see the countryside as their perfect dogging spots. If you are interested in the wonderful world of dogging and you wish to know where you might end up having some hot intimate action with strangers, here are the top dogging locations to consider!

  1. Car Parks

Did you know that car parks are the most common spots for dogging? If you’ve ever gone to a car park and heard some odd noises in the background, it is safe to assume that you have stumbled upon amateurs fucking. Car pikes on the roads tend to offer a great view of the city, but they are also quite crowded when the night falls. Strangers love to meet in the car park and enjoy each other’s company, and who knows what else can happen! Continue reading “3 Most Famous Dogging Spots”

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I’m a total cat lady! That’s pretty much all you need to know about me. Well, almost, I also love to go dogging with my husband and enjoy casual sex with men whom I’ve never met before! I currently have three cats and I’m going to be getting more. I know that most women are supposed to end up alone before that happens. That’s not how I roll, LOL. My little pussies come first and I cum second hahah. In all seriousness, though, I’m looking for a fun guy who doesn’t mind the fact that I have cats. I know a lot of you guys out there hate them. You can be a dog person, just realize that I’m a cat girl. Continue reading “Cat Lady’s secret life as a dogging slut from Kent”